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Buur Fashion is the creative force behind the fashion collections of Yest and X-two. Yest is aimed at the modern, stylish woman, with tasteful designs in sizes 36 to 48. X-two specializes in plussize clothing (42 to 60) for the self-assured and fashion-conscious woman.

Buur Fashion manages the entire process in-house, from design to finished product. This enables both brands to launch new collections six times a year. The collections anticipates the latest trends, and are tailored to the wishes of Yest and X-two customers.

Because of the short supply chain, Buur Fashion is able to maintain a consistently high quality. Our showroom in Modecentrum Almere demonstrates our unrelenting commitment to perfection, with styles that continue to delight our customers.
North America
Please contact our office in Vancouver, Canada
P. 6045252131



Buur Fashion Beverwijk
Waterland 10
1948 RK Beverwijk
The Netherlands

Tel.  +31 (0) 251 316 313

Buur Fashion GmbH
Siemensstraße 314
7533 Kleve

Tel.  +49 (0) 2821 480 4115

Buur Fashion Canada Ltd
1331 Derwent Way
V3M 5V9
Delta, BC

P. 6045252131
F. 1-855-221-2132

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